The main object of the International Seminar East-South European migration during times of economic crisisis to set a space for the discussion and exchange of knowledge and experience regarding migration flows between Eastern and Southern Europe that have taken place over the past few decades. Special attention will be paid to the issues of transformations of the mobility patterns and to the insertion of the immigrants into the host societies in the context of the current economic crisis. We pretend to provide a broad international perspective on the topic, to put forward a comparative framework concerning both the different immigrants’ groups coming from the Eastern Europe and the diverse contexts of reception. Likewise, the diversity of perspectives in the Seminar will be reinforced by the interdisciplinary approach, by gathering together a group of researchers from sociology, geography, anthropology, demography and economy. The Seminar is open to the general public, and thus we pretend to gather all agents from the social, political and scientific spheres in the same place.