Abstract submision

Papers may address—but are not limited to—the following questions:

  • Is adjunction the (unique) syntactic correlate of modification? Is a non-saturating or non-type changing function a modifier in semantic terms? What is the relation(s) between these syntactic and semantic phenomena?
  • By what criterion do we decide whether we adopt the analysis of a phenomenon based on modification or quantification?
  • Which syntactic categories can be modifiers and which can be modified?
  • Can modifiers ever be selected?
  • What are the semantic and pragmatic properties of non-restrictive modification?
  • Is the semantic notion of (restrictive) modifier a coherent or unified one? How simple (or complex) is the typology of modifiers?
  • How does the notion of degree modification fit in this picture?
  • Are there null modifiers?
  • Can intonation have the semantics of a modifier?


12 talks will be selected among the submissions. Talks will be given 30 minutes for presentation plus 10 minutes for discussion. One person can submit at most one single-authored abstract and an additional co-authored one.

Abstract guidelines: anonymous, at most 2 pages including references and examples, at least 12 pt Times New Roman font and .pdf format.

Abstracts must be submitted electronically via Easychair. Please, add 5 keywords and whether your submission is for an oral presentation, poster or both.

Recall that the deadline for abstract submission is June 20 2011, and that notifications of acceptance will be sent by August 1.