Call for papers

Call for papers


            We invite junior researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences, PhD students or Doctors at the beginning of their scientific career (having obtained the degree from 2011), to take part in these conferences by submitting their communications. These shall have a duration of up to 20 minutes. Communications are accepted in English, Spanish, French and Italian about the following themes:

  • Philological Studies: Linguistics, textual criticism, literary analysis, new technologies and methods of investigation.
  • Studies on Material Culture of Language:
    • Indirect or literary sources (paleography, codicology, transmission and translation).
    • Direct and documentary sources (papyrology and epigraphy).
  • Social, Cultural and Science History: reception process, cultural exchange and transfer between societies in connection. Identity construction and crisis. Philosophical, religious and magical ideas and practices; religious power and legitimisation.
  • Artistic Manifestations and Material Culture as evidence and vehicle of transmission of religious, political and cultural ideology; tradition and innovation, assimilation and influence.
  • Political Theory and History: effective achievement of forms of power, authority models, ways of government, hierarchical relationships of intra- and superstate powers.


            The proposals, unlike the communications, should be written in English or Spanish, and must contain between 300 and 500 words as well as a group of keywords. The deadline for the submission of proposals is the 31st of March 2016. Please send the attached form I to the following e-mail address:, specifying the field in the subject line of the e-mail (Proposal MediterráneoS 2016- “Field of discipline”). Proposals should include the following sections: name and surname, degree, year of the doctoral dissertation (in case of those who already hold a PhD), and Research institution. Acceptance to participate in the conference implies the payment of a fee of 20 Euros.

            Those interested instead simply in attending the conferences and obtaining a certificate of attendance should comply form II and pay a fee of 10 Euros. This registration and the payment receipt should be sent to, indicating in the subject line of the e-mail “Attendance MediterráneoS 2016”. The deadline for registration is the 25th of October 2016.


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